Monday, July 24, 2006

TIMSCI 24-Jul-2006: Short Trade closed

Short position of MSCI Taiwan index futures (TIMSCI) was established at 259.1. Initial stop loss 259.6 was triggered with 1-R loss. "The wrong way to play it would be to attempt to “pick a bottom,” or fade the market; blindly enter short without waiting for a good spot; getting short without setting a stop, etc. The list of errors goes on and on, but people mainly make those three big mistakes. Traders who know themselves, who have common sense, who are disciplined, and who have the ability to keep it simple will do just fine. Remember that many people in the market are either uneducated or uninformed. And most of the few who are educated and informed waste their time building “scenarios” and end up defeating themselves by trying to outsmart the market." - Maoxian

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