Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dummy day trading 25-Jul-2006

Good morning! I am a silly person. I like to think too much and make things complicated. My objective today is to keep thing simple.
Alrite, 3-digit gain of DJ pushed gaps up around Asian markets as expected. I am looking at the tone of regional markets. Pretty positive, Nikkei gains near +300 points and HangSeng is fatter by around +200 points. SIMSCI looks interesting today, while I see TIMSCI having some wild swings. Ok, I am looking for Long opportunity of SIMSCI, though I am still waiting for entry point to completely form.
By the way, I rejected few comments by some readers (named annonymous) due to the language (some chinese dialects) used in the comments. Thanks for reading and do give me some comments, of course, in simple english. :-)

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