Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Dummy day trading 26-Jul-2006

I am looking forward to a 'do-nothing' day again for SG futures market. I am not interested in trading in this condition i.e moderate U.S gain, flat opening in Nikkei and low volume in local futures market. It is difficult to find high-R trade in the market with these conditions.

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half-past-six said...

I happened to come upon your site while "googling" something and I must say I am glad i discovered this site. You do your homework well!
I have some questions:
1) where do you get the charts for SIMSCI,
2) why does the SIMSCI Aug trade at 2+ points discount to Jul,
3) how is the price set for outstanding contracts upon expiry?
4) following up, does it mean that one would "lose" 2+ points when doing a roll-over from Jul to Aug?
Thanks for the info!